Province of Origin: Abruzzo, Italy

Varieties of Olives Utilized: Gentile, Leccino, Corniola, Dritta, Cucca

Geographic Location of Olive Groves: Chieti Region, Abruzzo

Harvesting Method: Traditional, hand-picked

Pressing Method: Traditional granite olive mill, Cold-Pressed

Acidity: Between 0,2% and 0,4%

Aprutium is the Latin name for the region from which this extra virgin olive oil orginates: Abruzzo. This Italian region is characterized by its favourable geographic and climatic conditions: gentle hill formations wedged in between mountain areas and the Adriatic sea which guarantees stable climatic conditions, crucial for high quality olive cultivations, especially in those areas situated near to the sea.In fact, this region is famous for its numerous olive-groves which produce a number of different varieties of olives of which the "Gentile" is the predominant quality together with varieties like the "Leccino", "Cornaiola", "Dritta" and "Cucca" that are characteristic for this area of production. Parasites which may have a detrimental effect on the quality of olives are rarely found here due to the climatic conditions of the area and the great care used in cultivation.

The Aprutium extra virgin olive oil is exclusively based on the above mentioned varieties of olives and, together with the traditional methods of harvesting and pressing, controlled by Esperidia, guarantee a very high quality extra virgin olive oil. Its taste is fruity and balanced with an intense aroma of olives. The sweet and harmonious flavour make it the ideal condiment for a wide variety of dishes: both crudities and cooked dishes; meat, fish as well as vegetables.