Grand Cru variety Getsemani

Getsemani is the most precious in the line of Grand Cru’s of Esperidia: a combination of the best that Nature offers and the absolute dedication of men. The name "Getsemani" is associated with one of the most profound concepts of the extra virgin olive oil culture: its historic roots and the thousands of different ways extra virgin olive oil is present as an indispensible staple in the Italian cuisine.

Getsemani is based on a very rare variety of olive called "Oleastro" (now called Olivastro). This is the type of olive that grows in original wild olive plants. From the "Oleastro", in fact, stem all the presently existing varieties of olives. One thousand years old oleastro plant still exists on the hills near Jerusalem where Jesus Christ used to pray.

Nowadays in Abruzzo, the oleastro tree has become a rare species, and the plants, hundreds of years old, bear only a limited quantity of fruit every year. The olives are small in size and difficult to harvest because of the sheer size of the plant. The quantity of olive oil the oleastro renders is much less than other types (8 - 10 kg per 100 kg of olives versus an average of 15 - 17 kg per 100 kg for other varieties).

However, the oil extracted from the oleastro is of an extraordinary quality. The oil has a yellow colour tinted dark green. It has an intense fruity aroma of pure olives, and a distinct taste of olives with traces of almonds and herbs. The Getse- mani Grand Cru will enrich any dish with its unique flavour.