The"AGRUMATO LEMON WITH HERBS" is a special version of the Agrumato pressed with Lemonos. Also this extra virgin olive oil, like the other Agrumato flavors, is based on the long culinary tradition of the Italian region of Abruzzo on the Adriatic sea, east of Rome.

The origin of this product are based on a long known recipe called Salmoriglio, popular in the Mediterranean coastal areas especially in the south and Italian isles, that mixses extravirgin olive oil with the juice of freshly pressed lemons to which subsequently oregano and garlic are added. However, like all condiments prepared in this feshion, it has to be consumed immediately and will not remain stable in time.

The "AGRUMATO LEMON WITH HERBS" differs from the Salmoriglio in that it is produced by taking as a base the Lemon Agru-mato, extra virgin olive oil obtained by crushing and pressing olives together with Lemons, to which subsequently oregano and garlic are infused. The resulting oil has the typical Mediterranean taste and flavor. The unique method employed and patented by our company provides our customers with a condiment that remains however stable in time.

"AGRUMATO LEMON WITH HERBS" a very aromatic oil and a ready condiment, produced without any chemical additions, and a combination of simple and genuine elements like the herbs which are visibly present.

"TheAGRUMATO LEMON WITH HERBS" is an excellent condiment for roast fish especially sword fish - have a try on tuna!. It makes a wonderful combination with roast meat: liver, kidney and game. Drizzled on these dishes when they are still hot, it immediately spreads its scent of citrus and herbs. As a marinade it renders a tasty and exciting flavor to your meat.