In the tradition of the art milling and Abruzzo with the intent to meet the wishes of the diverse tastes of our customers, ESPERIDIA wanted to propose to the side of classic AGRUMATO ® Lemon, other variants.

Drawing on multiple and therefore the extraordinary scents of the 'Garden of the Hesperides' the mythological garden of citrus fruit, have been created for the first time, Citrus ® Citron, L' AGRUMATO ® Orange, Citrus ® Mandarin as well as it combines the scents of herbs infused in 'AGRUMATO ® Lemon that give rise to' AGRORIGLIO ®.

Once again, the fruit of the olive have enclosed fluid in their chest, the fragrance and freshness, sweetness and sourness, softness and roundness of the notes of citrus.

Their color, reminds us of those solar fruits, with different shades of green, tinged with yellow or orange. Their tastes, we offer a riot of sensations, inspiring new approaches with traditional foods or dishes both simple and elaborate.